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Kettlebells are not a trend. In fact, they have been around longer than the concept of modern gyms. Originating in Russia as part of military training in the 1700’s, kettlebells have been used for centuries to improve strength and mobility.


Today, you can find numerous kettlebell workouts all over the internet or go into big box gyms and find trainers and members using them like free weights.  At ELITE GIRYA, we follow the StrongFirst principles and techniques of Russian hardstyle kettlebell practice. That means we do things a little differently from what you might find at a “big box” gym or other training facility, and we think that’s a good thing!


It is our mission is to help our students become stronger, move better, and feel more powerful than they ever imagined.


A kettlebell is a cast iron weight traditionally found in Russia.  Basically, it looks like a cannonball with a handle.  Although you may think they are new in the fitness world, they have been around for centuries! In 2000, Pavel Tsatsouline brought kettlebells to America and they are now being embraced across the country by top fitness trainers and competitive athletes alike.  At ELITE GIRYA, we are bringing them to you!






Kettlebell training is a unique training style that incorporates the total body and develops core strength while also giving you a great cardio workout. There is no other fitness tool that delivers an extreme, all-around workout like the kettlebell. It can be used by anyone – male, female, young, old, athletic or not. The kettlebell is often regarded as the single most effective tool for making massive changes in your strength, overall conditioning and your physique!





A common misconception in the fitness industry is that weights make you bulky and cardio makes you skinny.

Training with kettlebells will burn body fat, increase lean muscle mass, enhance muscular strength while increasing stamina and endurance. So, whether your goal is to drop a size, tone up or win the next IronMan, kettlebells are the tools to get you there and we are your manual.

High repetition kettlebell training carries with it an extremely high metabolic cost, which not only burns fat during your workout but up to 36 hours afterwards.






To reach a fitness goal without hitting a plateau, it is imperative to change up your workouts! Kettlebells are extremely versatile. There are literally hundreds of different exercise variations that one can do to develop strength, endurance, speed, size and overall conditioning. The right way to exercise and see results is all about proper form and muscle engagement.




We offer both group classes and 1-on-1 training. See schedule or contact us today at elitegirya@gmail.com.

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