ELITE GIRYA | Our Method
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Our Method

ELITE GIRYA opened its doors in 2014 to bring physical culture back into the Long Island mainstream.  Our emphasis is on full body movement using kettlebells, barbells,  body weight and other more “traditional” equipment including ropes and medicine balls.


There is no fancy equipment, no shiny bells and whistles – just our kettlebells!


At ELITE GIRYA, you will find fitness with a personal touch.  Regardless of your age or your fitness level, we strive to provide you with a safe and fun environment as you embark on your journey to a healthier and stronger life.  You see, at ELITE GIRYA, we are not only committed to helping you move better and get stronger but we are also committed to helping you achieve your other goals of looking good and feeling your best!


We focus on technique, form and safety to improve mobility, develop strength, improve performance and prevent injury. Our specialized approach at ELITE GIRYA allows us to meet each client where they are at regardless of age, injuries, fitness level or limitations and provide them with the most progressive, evidence-based training strategies to build upon and maintain throughout life.

It is our mission to teach you the truth about health and fitness and help you achieve both in a supportive and community based environment.

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