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Personal Training

Whether you are looking to lose weight, build strength, compete at a higher level or simply live a healthier, more resilient life, we will design and develop a plan specifically with your goals in mind.


Personal training is ideal for:

While some people prefer group classes, others require more focused attention and accountability to help them achieve their goals, making personal training the ideal selection for them.


One–on-one sessions are also a great way to get back into training after an injury as you have a plan personalized specifically to rehabilitating your injury and strengthening the tissue around it, while also focusing on other strength and weight-loss goals.

Starting your journey:

Before you start working out, you will receive a private consultation/evaluation. This is your time to tell us about your medical history, including any injuries and/or surgeries, your familiarity and level of comfort with training and of course, your goals.


Part of the evaluation process includes a Functional Movement Screen (FMS).  The FMS is a screen that we use to guide us in choosing appropriate exercises to improve/restore your mobility and help you meet your goals.


Call us today or email elitegirya@gmail.com to discuss the package ideal for your goals and availability. We look forward to helping you succeed on the journey of your life – fitness!

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