ELITE GIRYA | Small Group Training
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Small Group Training

Whether your athlete is involved in team sports or individual sports, small group training at ELITE GIRYA’s Sports Performance Academy (SPA) will help them excel at their sport.


Our small group training classes allow for individualized coaching while we focus on each athlete’s ability and performance goals.  The training methods we practice are designed to produce maximum improvements in athletic performance while reducing the risk of injury.


Training sessions will incorporate strength training with speed and agility drills and balance activities. In addition to helping athletes gain the skills they need to excel at their sport, they will develop self-confidence and build mental toughness.


Starting your journey:

Prior to starting any program at the SPA, each athlete will receive an evaluation, which will include the Functional Movement Screen (FMS).


If your athlete is ready to challenge themselves to play on a higher level, contact us at elitegirya@gmail.com to learn more about our programs.

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